Michael Mercier

Michael Mercier is Founder and Principal at Insightful Alliance.  He has knowledge and experience in a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including publishing, software, Internet security, digital applications, green marketing, advertising, financial services, healthcare/medical and education. In addition to market research, he has held positions in product management, marketing management, sales and management consulting.

He has degrees in Psychology, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.  This theoretical grounding provides him with a great facility and intuitive ability with psychological, marketing and research concepts, and permits him to think in a very original way about market research techniques, analytic frameworks, and psychological insights.

As an undergraduate he self-designed a course on Carl Jung’s theories, and maintains a deep grounding in Jung’s theory of archetypes, which is commonly applied in modern market research.

Infinitely curious to learn about anything and everything, he can tackle any industry, marketing challenge or research problem with resourcefulness, unusual insight, and creativity.

Michael is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, and is the former Technology Editor of “Views”, the market research magazine.  In addition to “Views”, his articles have been published in Greenbiz.com, MediaWeek, Adweek, and Brandweek.

He holds a BA in Psychology from Vassar College, an MBA in Marketing from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and an MS in MIS from The University of Cincinnati.