Is it “Hair on Fire” Time for Market Research?

Embarrassing polling misses. New tech (and other) products that totally fail to gain traction with their targets. A drive to speed and low cost from market research providers from clients who assume projectability is a given. Declining response rates for traditional market research modes. Unknown skews of all sorts in online panels. A growing focus on gaining insights from social media, and treating it as projectable findings to all consumers.

How worried should we be about market research as a dependable driver of decision making?

Brad Bortner, Executive Director of Market and Customer Insights, will lead a panel discussion on this topic at NEXT, May 8-9, in New York.

To learn more about the panel discussion visit Is It “Hair On Fire Time” For Market Research?


Webinar: Going Rogue To Optimize Insights From Super-respondents

Occasionally we encounter qualitative super-respondents: they are extremely intelligent and articulate, they enjoy talking, and they provide elaborate responses. Most importantly, they are remarkably observant and analytical. To a great extent they already possess the picture of the market that we are trying to develop through our research.

If we restrict ourselves to our interview protocol when we encounter super-respondents we end up leaving valuable insights on the table — thereby doing ourselves, our clients, and our stakeholders a disservice.

However, if we liberate our thinking and allow ourselves to go beyond our established interview protocol, we can extract the full value that these super-respondents offer — often at little or no additional cost.

Insightful Alliance’s Michael Mercier will explain how you can do this in an Insights Association webinar titled “Going Rogue to Optimize Insights from Super-respondents” on Wednesday, March 29, from 2:00-2:45 PM EDT. Register here: Going Rogue to Optimize Insights from Super-respondents