Recorded Webinar: Going Rogue To Optimize Insights From Super-Respondents

Occasionally we encounter qualitative super-respondents: they are extremely intelligent and articulate, they enjoy talking, and they provide elaborate responses. Most importantly, they are remarkably observant and analytical. To a great extent they already possess the picture of the market that we are trying to develop through our research. By thinking outside the box we can find ways to leverage these super-respondents beyond their conventional participant role – often at little or no additional cost.

This webinar, which was conducted for the Insights Association’s membership, will explain how to do this. To hear the recording click on the link below.

Going Rogue to Optimize Insights from Super-respondents

How To Conduct Extended Intercept Surveys: A Reebok Case Study

Insightful Alliance was hired by Reebok to conduct intercept surveys at the 2 day expo that takes place prior to the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta.

We decided to execute the intercept surveys using iPads loaded with Survey Analytics’ SurveyPocket. As we planned the project we exploited some of Survey Analytics’ other features to develop what we call the Extended Intercept Survey. This method allowed us to extend our reach with the survey, and thereby increase our survey completion rate by 67% with only a small incremental investment.

Survey Analytics asked us to explain our Extended Intercept Survey method to its customer base via webinar. In the webinar we address the following:

  • how Insightful Alliance and Reebok transformed the traditional intercept method into what we call the Extended Intercept Survey method;
  • how combining tablet, smart phone, and online access facilitated the completion of surveys by people who initially had declined to participate;
  • examples of the collateral materials we used to execute the Extended Intercept Survey;
  • tips on the psychology of applying the Extended Intercept Survey in various contexts;
  • a checklist of the “tasks” to remember when planning an Extended Intercept Survey.

A recording of the webinar is available at the following link:

How To Conduct Extended Intercept Surveys: A Reebok Case Study

Managing Your Emotional Reactions While Interviewing VIP’s

Successful VIP’s tend to have extreme characteristics that are part and parcel to their success. When researchers interview VIP’s they come face-to-face with those characteristics.

Some researchers may find themselves having emotional reactions to those extreme characteristics.  If they can’t manage them, these emotional reactions can morph into behavioral reactions that threaten to derail the interview.

In this webinar, which we conducted for the Insights Association, we explain how to manage emotional reactions in order to stay on-task and deliver optimal insights.

The link to the webinar appears below. The presentation begins at 1:45, and is followed by questions.

Managing Your Emotional Reactions While Interviewing VIP’s

Recruiting A Difficult Target Group

When Insightful Alliance has a project requiring difficult-to-recruit participants, such as high-level executives, rather than use an outside recruitment firm we manage the recruitment in-house. 

Our first step in crafting our highly-effective approach to recruitment was to break the process down into the following steps: (1) get organization contact information; (2) get target names at each organization; (3) penetrate first level screener; (4) penetrate 2nd level screener; and (5) persuade the target to participate.

In future posts we will present our approach to each step in this process.  In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our approach to recruiting, contact

Customer Service Be Damned: The Tyranny of Telephone Protocols

Many companies have developed protocols that their customer service representatives must follow on every customer phone call.  

These protocols structure and script every phone call; they lay out the exact steps that the rep is to take, and out the exact words they should say.  

From the perspective of company management, these protocols constitute a form of insurance; they are a fail-safe way of ensuring customers have a positive experience, and that all of their problems are fully addressed.

However, from the perspective of the customer and the rep, these protocols frequently have the opposite effect.  Many such protocols tyrannically confine both the customer and the customer service representative, as they strip both of their mutual humanity.  Consequently, they turn off the customer and leave them frustrated and dissatisified.

Insightful Alliance offers customer experience research services to help you assess whether your customer service protocols attract or repel your customers.  For more information contact Michael Mercier at